Millie Palmer

Millie Palmer was born and raised in Asheville, NC. Growing up in a musical household, she began singing and playing piano and guitar at a young age, and began playing professionally in her early teenage years. Since then, she has made a name for herself in Asheville and the surrounding areas as an expressive and distinctive vocalist, and an accomplished songwriter.  Palmer has also spent a year living and playing music in NYC.  That time in the city had expanded and developed her writing and playing.  In addition to obtaining a music degree in jazz studies from UNC-Asheville,


In addition to obtaining a music degree in jazz studies from UNC-Asheville,Millie has studied songwriting with Darrell Scott, Mary Gautier, and the late Guy Clark. Palmer's treatment of her music, as well as the music that she chooses to cover, is that of a sensitive and intuitive artist. There is a level of telepathy within her group that is indicative of seasoned jazz musicians who are willing to take risks, and share a deep trust musically and personally that makes the risks pay off many times over.


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Millie Palmer trio

With roots in Western North Carolina and New York City, the Millie Palmer Trio brings a myriad of influences from Americana to folk to modern Jazz into their collective sound. Palmer's intuitive and honest vocals and songwriting, along with the supportive and empathic guitar stylings of Mike Holstein and solid bass



foundation of Will Beasley, weave a rich tapestry of sounds that lend themselves well to the groups original sound. 


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